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I have experience working with micro-service architectures in environments where scalability, reliability, and security are critical. I also developed web applications, command-line tools, worked on graphics programming and have extensive experience with live video streaming. I care about your code maintainability, quality, and performance. I have experience with working in distributed teams and managing my time carefully to optimize my efficiency.

Recent Work

cameradar open source

Cameradar - Go

Cameradar hacks its way into RTSP video-surveillance cameras. It's a library, a command-line tool and a docker image that allow to discover and access remote IP cameras on any network, quickly and easily.

etix everywhere vms cctv

Etix VMS - Go

A smart video management system for high-security datacenters.

rtspatt open source


Multipurpose RTSP media server that can simulate cameras, broadcast RTSP streams and even create test videos or serve video files.

webrtcctv webrtc kurento open source

WebRTCCTV - Node.js

A WebRTC signaling server and a simple webapp to read RTSP streams using WebRTC.

elk beats open source

Hackerbeat - Go

An Elastic Beats for indexing HackerNews posts.

camerattack open source

Camerattack - Go

An extremely simple tool to attack RTSP streams in order to make some IP cameras crash.

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